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"Coming into my sessions I needed to work on my speed, explosiveness and power in order to be successful at the Division 1 level. Mr. Maybank helped me to improve on that and much more. I noticed progres right away on my speed due to the full body workouts I was completing. Not only did I notice it but the first practices back from break all of my teammates complimented my speed and the strength I gained with Mr. Maybank. He customized a program for me that immediately helped me and has put me in a great place to be successful going forward." Andrew Rosenbaum


"I would not be where I am today as a collegiate and USA athlete without Anthuan. He has supported me every step of the way. Anthuan tailors every session to meet me where I am, whether that is post-surgery or pre-season. He knows me as a person, he knows my sport, and what aspects of my body need to be developed and strengthened in order for me to achieve my goals and aspirations. Anthuan has not only helped me succeed physically but mentally. He has helped me work through the mental aspects of injury rehabilitation and pushed me and encouraged me not only as an elite athlete but as a person. Anthuan continues to motivate me to be the fierce competitor that I am today." Claire Jones

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